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Here are some common questions that we often get from our customers:

How is a new vehicle defined?

A vehicle with a cylinder volume exceeding 48 cm³ or an engine effect exceeding 7.2 kW is considered new if it has been used for max. 6 months or has been driven max. 6 000 km.

Do I need original documents or are copies okay?

Do I need original documents or are copies okay?
The vehicle’s documents and registration certificate should always be given to the buyer or the courier fetching the vehicle. Copies are not approved when the vehicle is registered in Finland so make sure all documents are originals.

Can I drive my imported car as soon as I get the keys?

Before an imported vehicle can be taken into use it has to be inspected and registered in Finland. At the registration you’ll need the following documents:
1. A specific contract of sale or a bill of delivery proving that you own the vehicle.
2. Car tax decision. The Customs must confirm that you have paid the car tax before you can register the imported vehicle in Finland.
3. Vehicle insurance. This compulsory insurance can be purchased at an insurance company before registration or at the inspection station during registration.
4. A valid registration inspection certificate. After the inspection has been approved at the inspection station you will receive this certificate together with the vehicle’s registration certificate and licence plates. Take a look at the pricing here.

Can I take my new car to Finland at any time?

If you would like to drive your car, e.g. from Sweden to Finland, before the car tax decision has been approved you need special permission from the Customs. With this permission (i.e. temporary licence plates) a person importing a vehicle for personal use can drive for a maximum of 3 months without paying any taxes or registering the vehicle in Finland. Please note that your new car needs to have vehicle insurance in order for the application to be approved. Also, the registration inspection of the vehicle must begin within 10 days after the Customs have approved the application. You can apply for the permission by completing the form “Declaration of vehicle use” here. Temporary licence plates are not needed for the transport itself*. When you let us take care of the import you won’t have to worry about finding another vehicle to take your new pearl home.

* valid for cars registered in Sweden or other EU countries.

How is the amount of tax defined for an imported vehicle?

The Customs decide the amount of tax to be paid by comparing the car to a corresponding vehicle in Finland. At the Customs website you can see how market values and tax percentages have been calculated for already imported vehicles.